Night Show

Unforgettable evening to visit Phuket by night. If you're looking for crowds, bright lights and music on all sides, then make night trip to Patong Beach and famous Bangla Road. Enjoy a walk on the wakeful street in Thailand.

Admire the fabulous FantaSea Show or famous Siam Niramit Park with your family. These show make up an important part of Thai culture.

Phuket is well-known for its transvestite cabaret shows. There are several exceptional and famous cabarets in Phuket, which carry you away into an unforgettable evening full of feathers, rhinestones, sequins and glamour.


5 hours,
1 program,
Sold 56 times,
2 reviews
2150 ฿ per person,
5 hours
5 hours,
6 programs,
Sold 28 times,
2 reviews
1500 ฿ per person,
5 hours
4 hours,
3 programs,
Sold 4 times,
2 reviews
1700 ฿ per person,
4 hours
3 hours,
2 programs,
Sold 11 times,
2 reviews
adlt 800 ฿,  chld 600 ฿,
3 hours
1 hour,
2 programs,
Sold 45 times,
2 reviews
adlt 700 ฿,  chld 500 ฿,
1 hour
1 hour,
2 programs,
Sold 25 times,
1 review
adlt 900 ฿,  chld 0 ฿,
1 hour

Reviews (11)

30 October 2018
Great costumes and performance was ok, the show went for about a hour, which is more than enough,they shuffle you in quickly and out just as quick, ready for the next show. The songs they perform are targeted to the tourists singing English, Chinese,Indian and Russian songs to cater to the crowd. Strictly no photos or videoing the show, as they keep a close eye on you not to do it.
If you want a photo with the lady boys at the end of the show they do charge a 100 baht.
16 October 2018
I had a terrific night at the kick boxing. I paid a little extra to obtain the ring side seats and enjoyed the close up action. There were singles, couples, families and locals in attendance providing a good all round night.
Lud H
12 October 2018
Fantastic costumes, great way of depicting the culture and history of Thailand. Lovely interactive experience where the crowd gets drawn into the act. It is a 4 hour spectacular event if you going with dinner included the dinner and show together is excellent value for money. You can fed the animals that are part of the show. It brings out the child in you again. Highly recommended for families
19 September 2018
Siam Niramit is a journey through the history and culture of Siam/Thailand. The show really is a must see and contains beautiful stage settings and special effects any Las Vegas show can offer. This together with the charm and spirit of the Thai people makes for an unforgettable evening. We purchased show and dinner. Food is served buffet style but is of excellent quality and offers Asian and Western food. Drinks available at reasonable prices. Don't miss it!!!
Kell J
15 September 2018
We heard a lot about the show. The outfits, the setup is beautiful as its very bright and colorful. But the show and the concept is not very catchy. Its dull and doesnt keep u entertained all the time. Though some of thw performances such as the acrobats are great but overall not a very good show. If u have ample time while pbeing in phuket, u can opt for it.
30 August 2018
Muay Thai boxing is a must see when in Thailand. Bangla Stadium always puts on a good night of fights.
08 July 2018
The show is put together really well, it's glitzy and glamorous and good fun trying to pick out the guys from the girls!!! They have plenty of English songs and a special 'I Will Survive' tribute... I won't say anymore!!
23 May 2018
It is a must see if it's your first time in Phuket or if you are sick an tired of the nightlife.

It is quite affordable for a show of such production. A good way to spent the time with the family or that special someone.
17 May 2018
It was fun, but ugly in the same time.
Will never come back for sure. But will recommend for my friend
04 January 2018
I didn't know what to expect from the Cabaret, having not been to one before. However once inside, it's an exceptional performance full of colors, themes and even spanning different cultures and civilizations in their presentation. Ladyboys do look beautiful as other commenters say. They strictly don't allow any photography inside unfortunately. The venue itself is beautiful too, with insane decorations. It's a nice dose of flamboyance, dance performances for a nice family outing.
22 March 2017
It was really amazing. At first you enter to the entrance area where there are a lot of people staying. A lady in a traditional dress welcome you and guides you to the counters for buying tickets or confirming your pre ordered tour. After this part you enter to the main garden with different places and nostalgic scales. There were some small places which sell some souvenir or local hand mades. There was also a beautiful roof bar which organize on Italian architecture. The elephant riding and take photos with them is another hobby. You can take pictures and enjoy of sightseeing there about 1 hour or more.
Then you enter to the buffet dinner with different kind of table for Thai food, Muslim food or International food. The staff were really professional and helpful.
I've heard that this saloon is the biggest buffet saloon in the world. The show started at 9:30 and it's forbidden to bring cell phones or camera inside, so they collected all the phones and cameras. The show was wondering and fantastic. Some east Asian legend and elephant show with very beautiful colors, lights and dancing. I was really enjoying of watching this show. They were really professional. I heavily recommend it to everyone.