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The Surin Islands is an archipelago of five islands in the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the Thai mainland. Administratively, the islands are part of Tambon Ko Phra Thong, in Phang Nga province.

Mu Ko Surin National Park encompasses the islands and their surrounding waters. The park covers an area of approximately 141.25 km2. It contains the Surin Islands and the surrounding waters. Of the protected area, 108 km2 or 80 percent is ocean. The park was gazetted as the 29th national park of Thailand on 9 July 1981. The park is closed during rainy season, 1 May-31 October, every year.


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Koh Surin National Marine Park rates as one of Thailand's prime island locations. The two main islands Koh Surin Nua (North Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (South Surin Island) form the bulk of the land mass. The other 3 satellite islands both enhance the overground vistas and provide supplementary fringing reef.

Reviews (4)

19 November 2018
I did one day trip to Mu Koh Surin sooooooooooo wonderful and also me and my friend stop at Morgan village to see how people lives there. fantastic!!!!
02 November 2018
Nice beaches and crystal clear blue water. But to many rules. No smoking, no alcohol and no drones. You will get fined if they see it.
27 March 2018
We did a surin island 2days-1night tour. It was amazing! Boat stopped at different places to go snorkling. The camp was not overcrowded. You could see the sea from your tent. This island is perfect for snorkling!
19 October 2017
We were on 2 days 1 night trip. Quite nice place to visit. But tent is not very comfortable to stay more than 1 night. Islands are far from the mainland, difficult for elderly.

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