Racha Island tours

Racha islands, also known as Raya islands, are one of the best day trip destinations for diving and snorkelling. Two beautiful islands, called Racha Yai and Racha Noi, are situated a few kilometers south of Phuket and popular with snorkellers and divers.

Racha Noi is desert island and has no accommodation and tourist facilities. But there is some excellent diving spots in this area.

Racha Yai is one of the most amazing and peaceful islands near Phuket with white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise water and rich marine life. Day tour to Racha Yai island from Phuket is the best way to beach relax with children even during low season.


8 hours,
1 program,
Sold 14 times,
1 review
adlt 2300 ฿,  chld 1900 ฿,
8 hours
2 days,
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Sold 5 times,
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adlt 4000 ฿,  chld 3800 ฿,
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Reviews (3)

05 October 2018
We found information about this trip in internet and contact the agent.
The manager was so nice to come to our condo and explain all details.
In the morning driver was slightly late, but our manager contacted him very fast and inform about delay.
Rach island is small and more like a village, not like Phuket. Have some kind of car, but better to use your own legs.
Water is clear, a lot of fishes.
But a lot of people during the day as well. Our guide said if come for overnight trip, you could be alone on the ilsland in the morning and after 4 pm.
So next time will try overnight trip
15 June 2018
Racha is perfect for couple to spend time. In day time a lot of tour groups coming, but evening and morning was only ours.
Bungalow is not new, bot close to nature. And close to both side of the island.
Grov G
22 April 2018
Great vacation I would recommend it to anyone. Also I lost my camera and the staff was super helpful and went out snorkeling and found it for us!! Great staff if that’s not great customer service I don’t know what is!