Phuket Adventure

Phuket is full of the adventure-travel beat and offers so many cool places to go.

On a Phuket tours you’ll get close to friendly elephant, take an active part in White Water Rafting, chill out on bamboo raft in Khao Lak, take in dizzying views at zip line activity and swim, cycle, drive ATV.

Phuket has an unmatched selection of day adventure tours. You can choose adventure trip to Khao Lak jungle or explore beautiful nature in Khao Sok with wildlife watching tours.

Explore a land of extremes and you’ll be paid back with unforgettable memories that will keep you smile for future years. All around will surprise why you are smiling oddly to yourself and you will have Phuket to thank for it.


4 hours,
2 programs,
Sold 35 times,
2 reviews
2290 ฿ per person,
4 hours
3 hours,
2 programs,
Sold 14 times,
1 review
adlt 1600 ฿,  chld 1000 ฿,
3 hours
2 hours,
1 program,
Sold 42 times,
1 review
adlt 800 ฿,  chld 700 ฿,
2 hours
3 hours,
4 programs,
Sold 23 times,
2 reviews
1990 ฿ per person,
3 hours
3 hours,
3 programs,
Sold 7 times,
1 review
2300 ฿ per person,
3 hours
3 hours,
2 programs,
Sold 10 times,
1 review
adlt 1800 ฿,  chld 1500 ฿,
3 hours
5 hours,
1 program,
Sold 20 times,
1 review
adlt 2500 ฿,  chld 1800 ฿,
5 hours

Reviews (9)

10 October 2018
Had a half hour elephant ride through the camp which we enjoyed .After that he was taken aside and showered and fed which he enjoyed!
Whilst waiting our turn, Yes we saw the monkeys were chained up in their smallish cages for safety.
Got to see an elephant show for about 15 minutes . Elephant dancing, doing tricks, scratched my daughters back, gave some of the audience a hug etc.
Man/trainer wasn't mishandling elephant, just guiding him.
Obviously if you believe all animals need to stay in the wild and be free, it is not a place for you!
25 September 2018
Zip line is unbelievable, something new. Nice lunch with a view.
21 August 2018
It was a good experience driving the atv. I booked 2 hour tour and I traveled to many places. It is a fun ride and not as challenging as I thought. It is like driving a toy car, with just petrol and brake.

However, no regards as I always wanted to try it.
19 July 2018
During our trip was quite rainy. It was ok, but cold. I do hope next time i'm there good weather and receive full experience.
Qu T
25 June 2018
Good enough, but i expected smth more
18 June 2018
I book through their website by dropping them a short email just a day before!
The elephant tour was great experience. Breathtaking view. But I do keep telling myself that the elephant has thick thick skin so the guide was scratching and not torturing them. Feeding them is fun. I recommend them because i can see the elephants feed well.
25 February 2018
I will definitely come back!
It's an amazing experience, i flew like an eagle.
Recommend to everybody!
24 January 2018
I wasn't sure about this one. I have never done anything like this before.
The guides were great! The training before hand was very good. Very thorough. I felt reasonably confident by the time we set off on our tour.
The views were amazing. We covered quite a variety of terrain. Fantastic photo ops!
25 March 2017
We took package B, it was very scary for me, but my BF was quite ok and even sad that didn't try package A.
As for me, staff is very friendly, but i prefer to walk on earth.